Agile Serbia Business Development Manager Wanted

Hey, you who are reading this ad, maybe you’re the next…


Agile Serbia – Business Development Manager



But, before anything, let’s introduce ourselves…

Agile Serbia, a brand of Puzzle Software, continues to fly above the clouds. We’ve achieved many things over the years as a team – became the first Agile Certified institution in Serbia, certified more than thousand professionals with worldwide recognized certificates, helped numerous companies in developing their organization and teams and ensuring trainings and entire educational guidance for better understanding of agile methodologies and development lifecycle, organized 4 outstanding Agile events and continues to fly above the clouds.

In time our public courses have grown, and they’ve become a part of the educational manifestation known as the Agile Month. Our dream was to gather the whole Agile community in one place, so we organized the Agile Serbia Conference in 2016, for the first time.

So far, we have organized 12 Agile Month manifestations and 5 outstanding Conferences, worked closely with great number of companies on adopting agile way of working through customized trainings and Agile coaching, and now we are going for more. In addition to 12th Agile Month, we are preparing the biggest Agile event ever here – Regional Scrum Gathering Belgrade 2021! 😊


So, how would we describe you?

Let’s talk about you! What kind of super-powers we believe you should have? We believe you should have proven working experience as a business development manager, salesman or a relevant role in IT sector. Hands-on experience in creating and maintaining valuable cooperation with clients and an ability to deliver excellent customer experience are essential.

Every company is specific, has it’s own way of working, organization, processes and environment in which they operate. Understanding the clients, understanding their context and needs are essential for a good partnership. Mapping our qualities, services and possibilities with those needs in order to create the right value for the client, with the client, is something that you will be focused on. More than that, we would really appreciate your skills such as knowledge of CRM. Understanding of sales performance metrics and analytic is more than welcome. You will work and create new business opportunities with people a lot, and it is really important if you have excellent communication, presentation and negotiation skills. You will buy us with previous start-up experience.

We imagine you as an extroverted, friendly and witty person, able to speak and write in English like a PRO. You are our match if your passion are technology and apps and love to nurture and develop relationship with the community.

Well-organized and informed about events in Belgrade and beyond and big plus if you have event management in your previous employment history. Your credentials are either from Economics, FON, ETF, Philosophy, Philology, etc or a Bachelor degree in relevant subject.

Understanding the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek gives you a big plus! 😊




So, for what kind of adventures you will be in charge?

Your main duty will be to develop and manage a portfolio of accounts to achieve long-term success from that cooperation. You should also be a wizard in building relationship with clients, acting as the point of contact and handling customers’ development and growth. Having in mind clients’ business needs and expectations, you will be actively working on product development and business strategy with the rest of the team.

From your communication and human side, you should generate new business using existing and potential customer networks. You will be the face of our story so you will have to resolve potential problems and provide solutions to customers in a timely manner. During our office hours you should juggle with marketing team to stay on the same track.

Have you found yourself here? Great! Because we are waiting for you to join us. 😊


Why should you join us and become a perfect match for Agile Serbia?

It will be a unique opportunity to work in a small team, within a stress-released and fast-paced environment. You will enjoy in self-organization without micro-management, with great opportunities for promotion in terms of bonuses and self-improvement.

Your will have one of the main roles within a promising team of Agile Serbia that tends to expand to the world market. Working closely with the team buddies from a proactive product and marketing team. Beside the ability to contribute to our future development and its market impact, you can attend various global and regional events, develop your career and skills.

An attractive benefits package, modern workplace and a shared passion for giving our best every day are part of our deal as well!

So, what do you say? Do not hesitate to contact us, submit your application at email


We are already waiting to meet you!


Deadline: 13.04.2021.

Office Location: Belgrade