Puzzle Software – a team of IT experts

We are a passionate team with a lot of experience in Agile Software Development. We are always striving towards new challenges & achievements.

The establishment & outsourcing services


Getting started with Agile Education


We set up our Start-Up Corner


The start of Agile Serbia & Agile Coaching services


23rd April2016
1st Agile Serbia Conference


Foundation of the Agile Coaching Club



Synergy and teamwork

We built Puzzle Software on the basis of teamwork and synergy. Therefore, we highly appreciate initiative of our employees to help each others because they achieve more together. The whole “puzzle” is much more than just a bunch of separate and not connected pieces. That’s why we cherish our team!


Satisfied clients and employees

We exist thanks to our clients, and their satisfaction is at the first place. To achieve that, we use Scrum framework. That is our key for transparency and better communication with clients, and among team members inside of the Puzzle Software. Also, we take care of work-life balance of every employee, listening and giving our best to understand all their needs.

& Values


Dedication & Passion

We expect dedication of our employees to every project they work on. If they believe in what they do and if they put their passion into it, then every step is a piece of cake and that has to give the results for sure!


Thinking out of the comfort zone

We encourage new ideas, and insist on thinking out of the comfort zone. We don’t need robots, but people with their hearts, ideas and ambitions. Only motivated employees can be content about their work. So, join us with your fresh ideas!

Marko Brankovic CEO at Puzzle Software

Here we are! We create software solutions that change people’s lives and improve organizational performances. Value is our promise. Value for tomorrow.

Business Team

Jelena Branković

Jelena Bogdanić
Director of Education

Aleksandra Kebić
Marketing Manager

Tamara Vučković
Social & Networking Manager