Sales Tune App – B2B partnership program

Empowering Partnerships, Elevating Sales 

Increase average order value by +10%

Increase average order value by +10%

higher average number of orders by retailers

+30% higher average number of orders among salesmen by retailers

Increase of customer lifetime value

Increase of customer lifetime value by 35%

Double the average buying frequency

Double the average buying frequency

Improve your retail partners sales performance

Active Sales Campaign. Mechanism: Getting benefits after each sale of your products to the final customer.
A laser precision salesman targeting, based on a wide range of criteria.

Set retailers’ sales targets and provide vital information to maximize sales efficiency through real-time communication with the entire sales network

Promotional Sales Campaign. The main goal is to increase order value of your products.
A laser precision owner targeting, based on a wide range of criteria.
Real-time communication with the entire partner network

Turn retail partners into your brand ambassadors

‘Know our brand’ – Your staff is the only contact with the end customers, the more they know the details about your product the greater possibility is that the buyer will choose your product over competition. Staff education is the key.
Brand Games – The games aim to make learning about brands enjoyable, with direct rewards for users after every session. In this moment we prepared the games like quizzes and memory games, but we are always cooking something new like ‘grow your tree’ or lottery game.

B2B Loyalty Program – partnership points

You will probably ask – Why would retail staff use my app and sell my products over the competition?
Because they will earn partnership points for every effort they make.
Retailer staff gain points for completing key activities in SalesTune:
– Scanning receipts
– Educating themselves
– Finishing brand games
– Selling your products
– Achieving targets
– Taking a part in Mystery shopper
– Getting the field data (ex. by taking a shelf pictures)
Tuning the partnership points system is up to you.

SalesTune Shop

Retailers can redeem their rewards by earning points through engagement with various app activities. Whether it’s products, vouchers, or enticing gadgets, the choice of how to reward your partner retail staff is limited only by your creative vision.
The gift card has proven to be the most desirable reward.
If you want to ensure that the deserving salesperson receives the appropriate reward, we’ve implemented a tracking system for precisely that purpose.

Push Notifications, Languages and Security

Push Notifications – powerful tool news, action sales, new gamifications, rewards… All users will be notified withing a second.

Languages – Personalized experience – SalesTune can be used in different languages, allowing easy switching and natural use of the app.

Security – Business priority – We know that you are international corporation. Our software is pretty secure from hacker attacks which is confirmed by numerous penetration tests.

We are there for you, always!!!

‘Experienced consultants’ – We will make complete project from mapping your and your partnership network organization, discover what will be the best approach to all people in the network and help you rollout complete sales process. We want to be sure that you will increase your sales!

Support – We are looking after the software, servers infrastructure, disaster recovery, database replications, GDPR and your user data.

Empowering your ideas – you have new ideas to increase your Sales revenues and want to see them in action. We are always happy to make them real.


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