Startup Corner

We are helping startups to create software products using our special program


What is Startup corner?

Once upon a time, we were a startup. We truly understand the challenges that startups face, such as defining a product, identifying a target user, creating an acceptable business model, developing scalable software, and securing enough financing for development and market penetration. We’re here to assist you with each of these steps and guide you through the entire process.

How it works?

When it comes to our corporate clients, we offer the same services as we do for startups, with the exception that they typically already have their own product, business, and marketing teams in place, and often have software development teams as well. Our role is to provide them with assistance in areas where they require expert help, and we charge them based on market conditions.

We recognize that startups often lack the resources and finances to undertake all of these tasks on their own. Therefore, we offer to take some form of equity in exchange for our services, as a means of helping them achieve their goals without placing undue strain on their financial resources.

Equity shares !!!

If your startup shows promise and your team demonstrates exceptional business acumen, we would be delighted to become your business and technology partner. In exchange for a small percentage of shares, we can significantly reduce the pricing for all of our services.