Leading Your Innovation Journey: Software Product Development

From your idea to market. It is our mission to show you the way how to build a product with value for you and your clients. 

Expertise & experience

Transparency in communication

Encouraging new ideas

Respecting employees’ needs


Product Discovery

What is the product? Who is the target user? What is the value the target user gets? What are the production costs and what is the MVP (Minimal Viable Product)?
We do that using: Value stream mapping, Design sprint by google, prototyping, customer interviews, getting all data necessary for building good and successful product.

Architecture and design

When building a software, the architecture we choose can help us anticipate and prepare for future challenges that may arise during its development and maintenance. Additionally, we have already tested and validated the UI and UX design in a prior phase, it can help ensure a smoother and more successful software development process.
We do that using: wireframes, microservices, SOLID principles, visual design, heat maps…

Software Development

Many companies believe that software development is solely the responsibility of the software company, but in reality, it is a collaborative and iterative process. With an Agile approach, we work together with our clients in sprints. We deliver a part of the software and test it together, confirming its value in the market before moving on to the next iteration. This approach leads to both happy clients and satisfied users.
We use: Angular, JavaScript, Ionic, IOS, Android, .net, java, sql server,
oracle, postgre sql…


Go To Market

For the most software Companies this is the end of road. For us, it is the beginning. We are tracking user behavior, system behavior, we gather and analyze data together with you, looking how users use your software, gathering feedback. Then we will adjust the software to meet user expectations and to maximize your revenue.

You are safe with us !!!

Internet is a wild west. Software release is one part of the medal, but maintain its secure and healthy life is totally different story. Servers and backup architecture and maintenance is our concern as long as your product is live on the internet, as well as its security and protection from various attacks.
We use: Linux, Windows, AWS, Azure, Cloudflare…

What Our Clients Say

Gowi has enjoyed a close working relationship with Puzzle Software. They have helped us to develop and support solutions for our clients. We have been impressed with their proactive attitude, level of technical expertise and their communication skills.
I hope we will continue to work with them for many years to come. Of course, I would recommend them as a partner to other organisations.

Danijela Stojadinovic, Managing Director, Gowi

One of the best ways to judge a company is finding out how easy it is to business with them by giving them a test project. Sometimes, the results surprise you. Of course, surprises can be good and bad, but when they are good, you keep going back to the company for more.
Puzzle Software is one of those companies we keep going back to for more. They are efficient, they listen, and they deliver a superb product. As a B2B marketing consulting firm, it is good to know we can have partners like Puzzle to meet our own client expectations.

Jim Nowakowski, President, Interline Creative Group, Inc.