IT Outsourcing Services & Start-up Corner

The core business of Puzzle Software is Agile Software Development. We provide tailored software solutions for clients, and nurture start-up ideas.

Expertise & experience

Transparency in communication

Encouraging new ideas

Respecting client’s needs

IT Expert Consultancy

One of the services that we provide is professional IT consultancy for software development, in diverse business fields. Our experienced software developers and architects work on projects in sectors such as banking, telecommunications, insurance, heavy industry, IT industry, and many others. They use best architectural models and Agile Methodologies to create high quality, secured and optimized systems.

Software Development Outsourcing

Outsourcing a software development project or its segment reduces costs. Furthermore, it helps companies to stay focused on their core competences, while engaging a team of professionals to create a product much faster and safer. We advocate use of Scrum framework. Therefore, we provide constant communication with the client, transparency, following the latest technologies and changes on the market, and providing customized software solutions.

Start-up Corner

We realized a couple of in – house projects (“E – salesman” customized business solution, “iWolf” Android game, etc.). Experience in organization of the events and expertise in marketing eventually led us to the Voting Studio. This is the start – up project we are currently working on. It represents a platform for real-time voting. Therefore, if you want to join us or find out more, contact us!

What Our Clients Say

Gowi has enjoyed a close working relationship with Puzzle Software. They have helped us to develop and support solutions for our clients. We have been impressed with their proactive attitude, level of technical expertise and their communication skills.
I hope we will continue to work with them for many years to come. Of course, I would recommend them as a partner to other organisations.

Danijela Stojadinovic, Managing Director, Gowi

One of the best ways to judge a company is finding out how easy it is to business with them by giving them a test project. Sometimes, the results surprise you. Of course, surprises can be good and bad, but when they are good, you keep going back to the company for more.
Puzzle Software is one of those companies we keep going back to for more. They are efficient, they listen, and they deliver a superb product. As a B2B marketing consulting firm, it is good to know we can have partners like Puzzle to meet our own client expectations.

Jim Nowakowski, President, Interline Creative Group, Inc.