Retrospective look at our year of 2018!

We are coming to an end of remarkable year in every single view for Puzzle Software, whether we are speaking about software development or Agile field of our business. Our puzzle has really grown this year, so it’s the right moment to do the retrospective of a year, because we’ve done many things to remember!

Let’s start from the beginning. This year we started with new projects, our business portfolio become richer with 2 reputable clients, we made 2 market breakthroughs in this year, with our MatchAbout startup and with USA based company. Furthermore, there are successes with Agile education expressed through courses, trainings and events we organized. Brief overview, but very content year.

There are some significant milestones when it comes to software development field, we are very proud. The first one is our start-up project MatchAbout, is a universal global platform that enables networking from event to event and in between, without any limits, enabling users to collect contacts, materials, and any other valuables from event to event. Designed to boost events activities and to help organizers and stakeholders to find mutual interest, Match About had a premiere this year, even more it was official application at several events: 3rd Agile Serbia Conference, SEE IT Summit, PyCon Balkans 2018 and SuperVoice Talent contest! Still, performance becomes more better and better with every single day, so for the next year we expect real impact on our market and beyond.

The second Puzzle’s precious milestone is our company in USA, based in Fenix, Arizona! We are present at US market since 2015. working on Cloud Migration Consulting and Software Development services. In 2018. we founded our company there, which is the most important step forward for the future and our business plans and development.

When it comes about Agile there are many facts which made this year one of those you have to be proud. Agile Serbia organized 2 Agile Months, in April and November, with 13 certified public courses within this manifestation. Agile education lasted whole year, beside Agile Months, so we organized 15 onsite trainings. According to statistics we had over 400 participants on our courses this year, who came from 11 different countries, not just from SEE region, but Europe and even beyond. The crown of our Agile education work is 3rd Agile Serbia Conference, organized on 27th of April in Belgrade, with the topic “Agile, Leadership & Software Development”. We gathered more than 500 participants from 12 different countries, 20 speakers on 3 stages with Agile Bob as a Conference keynote. This success inspired us to move forward for the next year and to prepare new surprises!

The most important Puzzle’s value are people, our team has grown in 2018. as well, and we intend to stay on that track. Combination of youth and experience join our team during this year, they brought a wealth of knowledge about products and best practices. We have ongoing projects and ideas we are diligently working on it for the next 2019, same as willingness to continue with boosting ideas of our employees.

We look forward to the next year and challenges ahead, all challenges accepted because we strive to create virtual world with plenty of benefits!