The month of Innovations – MatchAbout app star of the Decembers events

Every month of the year has its charms and the time that is dedicated for. December was a month of innovation. The way how we achieved it is our tool that has succeeded in bringing together the seemingly incompatible as an official event application – MatchAboout app!

HR Week, Congress for Air Conditioning, Heating and Cooling (KGH), and GamesCon are events from different industries. All they had hundreds of visitors, creative organizers, numerous activations, and of course positive feedback from all participants. The common thing for all these events is the MatchAbout.

HR Week was organized for the first time and brought together the most recognized experts from the HR world. The enviable number of connections and direct messages are exchanged throughout the app, making communication much more efficient. Participants were always fast informed about a change of agenda or logistical data, they shared materials and presentations of the most senior lecturers. With the opportunity of Q&A sessions, posting in a real-time, MatchAbout has shown all its advantages.

KGH (International HVAC&R Congress and Exhibition), on the other hand, is an event that represents a traditional event. With a tradition of over 50 years, it has hosted the most eminent experts in the field of air conditioning, heating, and cooling. Some of the world’s most famous experts in one area have shown they are still very innovative, using most of MatchAbout. Additionally, activations of the whole event were available virtually through Event Wall.

Match About was involved in one fun event – GamesCon, which is the most massive manifestation of gaming and virtual entertainment, and gathers thousands of participants. The organizers of GamesCon have top creative skills, so they had put together fantastic activations that have delighted all participants. Through MatchAbout, visitors used to play, search for treasure, resolve puzzles and win valuable prizes.

As the end of the year is becoming more closer, it’s the right time to sum up our impressions – given the season’s success, Match About has many things to celebrate.

The December’s activities of the Match About started in the spring with the fourth Agile Serbia Conference, that followed by Bizit, Westm, FMGC Summit, and other events. MatchAbout also played the role of the official application on each of these events.

We won’t stop here before the festive atmosphere begins, plans and the schedule for the next season are largely set. If you want your event to be different from others, MatchAbout is your perfect choice, and we look forward to seeing you in the future! 😊