Student Organization Omikron – our new partner!

It is not a secret that we highly value the desire for education. We gladly cooperate with educational institutions and organizations, especially with universities and schools. Puzzle Software and Faculty of Mathematics (University of Belgrade) have been partners for the last three years. This Faculty is among the most prestigious ones in Serbia. Furthermore, it is giving us the best experts in the field of software development. This time, we are honored to announce that Puzzle Software became a partner with Omikron! This student organization is founded exactly by students who are currently studying at the Faculty of Mathematics. It is founded with the aim of writing and implementing projects to further develop their skills and upgrade their knowledge.

MatHackaton by Omikron

We would like to inform you that, on the 13th and 14th of May, Omikron is organizing MathHackaton in cooperation with StratIT Center and the Faculty of Mathematics. MathHackaton is a competition for university and high school students. The teams are faced with the challenge to find the fastest way to develop a software that functions. We have recognized the importance of this competition and dedication of these young professionals in the field of software development. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to participate in this challenge and build your knowledge and team spirit! This is a great opportunity for you, not only to compete, but also because you will have an amazing chance to meet new people from your field of study and to bond with them. Registration is free and it is open until the 6th of May. So, hurry up!

We found our role in sharing our knowledge and many years of experience in the field of Agile Software Development with those students, considering the efficiency of those topics for their own evolving.  Consequently, we decided to reward the best MathHackaton team with tickets for the 2nd Agile Serbia Conference. This event will enable them to learn from the best world’s Agile & IT experts!

We are sure that all the participants will have an amazing time during this competition and we are looking forward to the future cooperation with Omikron! ☺