Outsourcing Business Development Manager


Puzzle Software is a team of passionate and dedicated IT and Agile professionals devoted to deliver excellence in software solutions and services. We provide custom software development services, our teams also work on several start-up projects, developing solutions for our clients, adjusted to their needs.

The IT industry is one of the biggest in the world, but the most impressive thing about it is ability to make changes, making everything digital and available for all. From that perspective we started our journey.

We change the world and create virtual not only for the clients, because we work on our own projects, startups created by Puzzle Software. Another tool that we also use to improve software industry and digital products is Agile education and certification, with customized coaching and mentoring programs.


After 10 successful years we would like to boost our projects, nurturing our relations with trusted partners as well as with our great consultants. That’s why




Business Development Manager


What do you need to become our SuperHero? The biggest advantage is proven experience in hardware, software, B2B or SaaS sales. Asset could be also proven sales or customer success experience. You should be well-familiar with the IT market and industry in Serbia and Belgrade.

We imagine you as a young or mid-age, ambitious and established person, with the entrepreneurial spirit. You should be a graduate from Faculty or have a bachelor’s degree in relevant subject. Due to frequent traveling you should be an active driver with B driving license.

Speaking about skills, especially soft, it will be of crucial importance to have excellent communication and negotiation skills. Excellent time management and planning skills, with proactive and problem-solving attitude are additional asset.  Knowledge of CRM software and MS Office (MS Excel in particular) are also one of your strong skills.

By personal characteristics you should be extroverted, communicative and witty. You should have strong negotiation and presentation skills, the ability to gather and process information related to market research, emerging trends and analysis of successes and failures. Fluent in English, speaking and writing.

Our team member should be social network influencer, strong in communication with the community. From that perspective you should know IT trends, to be in line with them, and to have strong interaction with the IT community.


If everything so far is suitable for you, let us introduce you with some of your main responsibilities You will have to work closely with our CEO and the rest of the team, to develop a growth strategy focused both on, financial gain and customer satisfaction.

Your role will be more human-related, but you should conduct research to identify new markets and customer needs. Regarding administration part, you should arrange business meetings with prospective clients and take leadership role in negotiating and execution of future agreements, same as keep records of sales, revenue, invoices etc.

You will be the face of our company in our business relations, so, you should promote the company’s services addressing or predicting clients’ objectives. Building strong and successful relations, you should provide trustworthy feedback and continuous support to our clients. Also, to build long-term relationships with new and existing clients and stakeholders.


This is how we see you, and here we are! Small and friendly team, waiting for you to join us ‍

Why should you become a part of us? We are aware of your value for our team and future development, so we offer a set of attractive benefits. First of all, a job in a small team released of corporate structure, with half less pressure than in a traditional sales team, and self-organization without micromanagement.

You will have amazing developing opportunities in terms of bonuses and learning, improving your career level and personal skills. Above all, an opportunity for a gain in the profit share in the outsourcing branch, same as the ability to work with Offshore clients (USA, Canada) and from Europe.

An attractive benefits’ package is part of our deal, modern workplace, friendly team and warm environment as well!


Sounds promising to you? Do not hesitate to contact us, submit your application by email jobs@puzzlesoftware.rs. We are already waiting to meet you! ✅

The month of Innovations – MatchAbout app star of the Decembers events

Every month of the year has its charms and the time that is dedicated for. December was a month of innovation. The way how we achieved it is our tool that has succeeded in bringing together the seemingly incompatible as an official event application – MatchAboout app!

HR Week, Congress for Air Conditioning, Heating and Cooling (KGH), and GamesCon are events from different industries. All they had hundreds of visitors, creative organizers, numerous activations, and of course positive feedback from all participants. The common thing for all these events is the MatchAbout.

HR Week was organized for the first time and brought together the most recognized experts from the HR world. The enviable number of connections and direct messages are exchanged throughout the app, making communication much more efficient. Participants were always fast informed about a change of agenda or logistical data, they shared materials and presentations of the most senior lecturers. With the opportunity of Q&A sessions, posting in a real-time, MatchAbout has shown all its advantages.

KGH (International HVAC&R Congress and Exhibition), on the other hand, is an event that represents a traditional event. With a tradition of over 50 years, it has hosted the most eminent experts in the field of air conditioning, heating, and cooling. Some of the world’s most famous experts in one area have shown they are still very innovative, using most of MatchAbout. Additionally, activations of the whole event were available virtually through Event Wall.

Match About was involved in one fun event – GamesCon, which is the most massive manifestation of gaming and virtual entertainment, and gathers thousands of participants. The organizers of GamesCon have top creative skills, so they had put together fantastic activations that have delighted all participants. Through MatchAbout, visitors used to play, search for treasure, resolve puzzles and win valuable prizes.

As the end of the year is becoming more closer, it’s the right time to sum up our impressions – given the season’s success, Match About has many things to celebrate.

The December’s activities of the Match About started in the spring with the fourth Agile Serbia Conference, that followed by Bizit, Westm, FMGC Summit, and other events. MatchAbout also played the role of the official application on each of these events.

We won’t stop here before the festive atmosphere begins, plans and the schedule for the next season are largely set. If you want your event to be different from others, MatchAbout is your perfect choice, and we look forward to seeing you in the future! 😊

8th Agile Month – Twice more Agile!

The 8th Agile Month has been finished 12th of June 2019, with 4th Agile Serbia Conference. This time, Agile education took three months to be held, April, May & June, that’s why we call it Agile Month Spring!

There were five certified coursesCertified Scrum Master and Certified Product Owner, twice both, in April and May, and Certified Agile Leadership course. Petri Heiramo prepared Agile and Scrum practitioners for their future certification and improved their skills with games and examples from practice, while Olaf Lewitz inspired leaders to become more Agile.

During same period there were five onsite trainings, introducing our reputable clients and their teams with various topics, starting from Introduction to Agile and Scrum, through Scrum Master and Product Owner role to Kanban.

Summary of whole season dedicated work in Agile and Scrum education was Agile Serbia Conference, with its topic – Agile, In & Beyond IT, bringing great tech and business development topics. At the conference were about 600 participants and 13 speakers, Agile and IT experts from all the world. Keynote speaker and star of the conference was Jeff Sutherland, the founder of Scrum! The official app of the conference is MatchAbout, where you can find all the materials from the lectures.

Day before the biggest Agile event in this region – Agile Serbia Conference, Agile Serbia organized PreConference Day, the first event of its kind regarding Agile.  The goal was to provide a chance for all interested to learn more about Agile and to give them opportunity to do that for free!

Next Agile Month Autumn is coming soon, so you may expect the best Agile education as a support of your personal or team’s development for business or organizational improvement.

Retrospective look at our year of 2018!

We are coming to an end of remarkable year in every single view for Puzzle Software, whether we are speaking about software development or Agile field of our business. Our puzzle has really grown this year, so it’s the right moment to do the retrospective of a year, because we’ve done many things to remember!

Let’s start from the beginning. This year we started with new projects, our business portfolio become richer with 2 reputable clients, we made 2 market breakthroughs in this year, with our MatchAbout startup and with USA based company. Furthermore, there are successes with Agile education expressed through courses, trainings and events we organized. Brief overview, but very content year.

There are some significant milestones when it comes to software development field, we are very proud. The first one is our start-up project MatchAbout, is a universal global platform that enables networking from event to event and in between, without any limits, enabling users to collect contacts, materials, and any other valuables from event to event. Designed to boost events activities and to help organizers and stakeholders to find mutual interest, Match About had a premiere this year, even more it was official application at several events: 3rd Agile Serbia Conference, SEE IT Summit, PyCon Balkans 2018 and SuperVoice Talent contest! Still, performance becomes more better and better with every single day, so for the next year we expect real impact on our market and beyond.

The second Puzzle’s precious milestone is our company in USA, based in Fenix, Arizona! We are present at US market since 2015. working on Cloud Migration Consulting and Software Development services. In 2018. we founded our company there, which is the most important step forward for the future and our business plans and development.

When it comes about Agile there are many facts which made this year one of those you have to be proud. Agile Serbia organized 2 Agile Months, in April and November, with 13 certified public courses within this manifestation. Agile education lasted whole year, beside Agile Months, so we organized 15 onsite trainings. According to statistics we had over 400 participants on our courses this year, who came from 11 different countries, not just from SEE region, but Europe and even beyond. The crown of our Agile education work is 3rd Agile Serbia Conference, organized on 27th of April in Belgrade, with the topic “Agile, Leadership & Software Development”. We gathered more than 500 participants from 12 different countries, 20 speakers on 3 stages with Agile Bob as a Conference keynote. This success inspired us to move forward for the next year and to prepare new surprises!

The most important Puzzle’s value are people, our team has grown in 2018. as well, and we intend to stay on that track. Combination of youth and experience join our team during this year, they brought a wealth of knowledge about products and best practices. We have ongoing projects and ideas we are diligently working on it for the next 2019, same as willingness to continue with boosting ideas of our employees.

We look forward to the next year and challenges ahead, all challenges accepted because we strive to create virtual world with plenty of benefits!

7th Agile Month – What to expect in November 2018

We are proud to say that 7th Agile Month is right behind the corner! During this Agile Month, we have five Certified Courses.

For the first time, we are organizing an Advanced Certified Scrum Master Course! A-CSM is an online, guided mentoring and coaching program created by Certified Enterprise Coaches® (CEC) for Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches looking to further develop their knowledge and skills. It’s a 6-week iterative program, where the learning focus is based on your real-life challenges, divided into phases and customized to the needs of experienced Agile practitioners.

Together with our Certified Scrum Trainer, Petri Heiramo, we are organizing Certified Scrum Master Course, Certified Scrum Master Course – Extended and Certified Scrum Product Owner Course. Also, with Agile Coach, Olaf Lewitz, we are organizing Certified Agile Leadership I Course. All the participants will get an internationally recognized certificate, issued by the Scrum Alliance.

In the following Agile Month, we will continue to provide the best education in the field of Agile Development.

[MEET-UP] Architectural Challenges on start-up project – MatchAbout

In Puzzle Software, entrepreneurial and innovative thinking is enhanced and new ideas are encouraged! Since 2014, we have the Start-Up Corner to support start-up projects and currently, we are working on one of them – MatchAbout!

MatchAbout (www.matchabout.com) is an application for networking and engagement at events without any limits. Last month, at the 3rd Agile Serbia Conference, we launched the beta version of MatchAbout app and gained first traction and feedback from the participants. The App was built using Java, Java Script and .Net technologies.

Naturally, we have faced some the challenges building the app. Therefore, we decided to organize a meet-up, and to share with our community challenges that we have encountered. The topic of the meet-up is “Architectural challenges on the start-up project – MatchAbout”. Our intention is to create a discussion among our guests and our development team where we can share the challenges that we have encountered and how we overcame them. Those challenges might be common on similar projects.

The meet-up will be held on the 31st of May 2018 at Puzzle Software.

The meet-up is intended for senior and architect programmers who have experience in Java and .Net technologies. If you are interested in participating, you can send us your details at tamara.vuckovic@puzzlesoftware.rs.  Please note that the number of participants is limited.

Details about the meet-up:

  • Topic of the meet-up: „Architectural Challenges on the start-up project – MatchAbout
  • Target audience: senior and architect programmers with experience in Java and .Net
  • Date & Time: May 31st, 2018, 18:00 p.m.
  • Address: Puzzle Software – Crnotravska 27
  • Contact person: tamara.vuckovic@puzzlesoftware.rs

6th Agile Month – April 2018

6th Agile Month is right behind the corner! During this Agile Month, we have four Certified Courses, three Advanced Trainings and the 3rd Agile Serbia Conference!

For the first time, we are organizing a 3-day Certified Scrum Master Course – Extended!  Also, in cooperation with our Certified Scrum Trainer, Petri Heiramo, we are organizing Certified Scrum Master Course and Certified Scrum Product Owner Course. Together with two Agile Coaches, Olaf Lewitz and Christine Neidhardt, we are organizing Certified Agile Leadership Course. All the participants can get an internationally recognized certificate, issued by the Scrum Alliance.

In this Agile Month, for the first time, we are organizing Agile Retrospective Masterclass with Marc Loffler! Our Agile Coach, Zoran Vujkov, will deliver two one-day Training from Continuing Agile Education program: Agile Requirements & User Stories and Agile Planning & Estimating.

The final event in this Agile Month will be the 3rd Agile Serbia Conference! This is the biggest Agile & IT event in the Balkan region, and it will be held on the 27th of April 2018. Renowned experts from “Agile, Leadership & Developers” world will be waiting for you, on three stages and at the Coaching Corner. The keynote speaker will be Bob Hartman, known as “Agile Bob”! The applications are in progress, more information you can find on this link.

Being humane is always noble

Being generous is always a very noble thing, and that has been proven by our employees. Instead of organizing an expensive New Year’s party, at the initiative of our Puzzle buddies, we decided to organize a charity pool tournament in our new office space. Our tournament was held on the 27th of December, and we had a blast! The winning party decided to donate the money that we raised to the Institute of Neonatology in Belgrade.

“Once I received the proposal from our development team about the charity tournament, I was delighted to share the info with my colleagues. We were thrilled to accept the idea. The whole concept of helping someone out really feels great, and we are definitely planning on doing this again”, said our Social and Networking Manager, Tamara Vuckovic. The sum of money that we raised is not really that much, but the initiative is great. We are always open to individual initiatives coming from our employees, especially when helping others who are in need. Our donation arrived at the Institute of Neonatology just a couple of days after the tournament.

Take a look at our fun night below. We want to thank our employees for their generosity – we are very proud of each and every one of our Puzzle Pieces!

Let’s do the retrospective of 2017!

It is the end of 2017 and the moment to do the retrospective of a year that is almost behind us. For Puzzle Software, it is a year worth to remember. Why? Because, once again, we did a lot of stuff!

First, the most important aspect of our company – our people. Every month we grow and have new pieces of our puzzle. Also, this year we have launched new projects, and one of them is a start-up we are currently working on. It is an event activation application that will engage and connect event organizers, moderators, lecturers, and visitors in an innovative way. We can already claim its usefulness, especially to business people. In order to develop this start-up, we need reinforcement, and in that sense we are also expanding the team.

Let’s move on to another field of our business – Agile Education. We can proudly say that Agile Serbia Conference definitely has become the biggest Agile event in the region. The second one was organized on the 26th of May 2017. This time, there were over 500 attendees from 12 countries across Europe and 16 great international speakers! The keynote was Dr Alistair Cockburn – a signatory of the Agile Manifesto, and one of the “All-Time Top 150 i-Technology Heroes”. Furthermore, we successfully organized two Agile Months – May and November 2017. For the first time, in Southeastern Europe, we organized Certified Agile Leadership Course! The course has proved to be very interesting to the leaders of companies or teams who want to implement agile transformation, or to work on the personal development and development of their team and organization.

As you know, we are also well-known for IT outsourcing services. Regarding that field, in this year we expanded our pool with two new clients. Recently, we have started an Agile transformation in United Cloud company.

At the moment, we are celebrating great year and expecting even better one!

Let’s do the retrospective of 2017!

5th Agile Month is DONE!

We are proud to say that 5th Agile Month has officially over! During this Agile Month we had three Certified Courses and one Advanced Training!

More than 100 people were certificated after the 5th Agile Month, as Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Leader!

For the first time in the region, in cooperation with Scrum Alliance and two Agile Coaches – Olaf Lewitz and Christine Neidhardt, we organized Certified Agile Leadership Course. On this course attendees learned the secrets to nurture Agile organizations and how to work on self-development to become an effective Agile Leader. This course was interactive and attendees had a lot of exercises. Almost all participants stated that they received knowledge from this course about visualisation maps and certain techniques like check-in and delegation poker.

We organized two Certified Scrum Master Course and one Certified Scrum Product Owner Course with our Certified Scrum Trainer – Petri Heiramo.

Also, we had one Advanced Training – Scrum Master Practices and Techniques, with our experienced Agile Coach – Zoran Vujkov.

Our mission is to enhance Agile community in Serbia and the region. That is why we always strive to innovate and organize as many educational events and other Agile gatherings as it is possible. We hope that you will find your place in the next Agile Month – April 2018 and on the 3rd Agile Serbia Conference.